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Updated: Feb 16, 2020

We are a family of gamers. Always have been, always will be. In fact, it was because of gaming that Chris and I even met in the first place, and now we get to share our love and passion with our children.

I’ve heard it said that having children can make you redefine your relationship with your hobbies, and we were no exception. However, while some may limit or give up entirely hobbies that are not conducive to the family dynamic, we were fortunate enough to have ones that not only accommodate individuals of all ages, but practically ask for it.

While our focus within the tabletop hobby has shifted over the years, the one constant has been our desire to create. For myself personally, I have always been much more drawn to the painting aspect of miniature games than I ever was playing the games, and ever since I discovered terrain building I have had more opportunities to flex my creative muscles and push my crafting skills to the limits. For his part, Chris has always enjoyed (and been more proficient at) the competitive/strategy aspect of the games we play. We hope to bring both aspects of the hobby to this blog, and promote everything we love about the hobby.

Coming back to playing with family, you’ll notice on the home page that we mention this blog is a collaboration with the hobby and gaming store Jacks on Queen. Not only are we lucky enough to have a fantastic LGS in our backyard (which can be rare in a rural community), but both the store owners and it’s community have fostered such a positive family-friendly atmosphere that we felt at home right from the start. It is within this community hub that we have redefined our gaming experience as a family, and look to do our part to share and grow such a fantastic place to play.

We started this blog as a way to consolidate the various projects we’ve been working on, and to share the tips and techniques we’ve picked up along the way. Many of the projects had their start right on the tables of Jacks on Queen, and we are excited to share them!

When playing, we are passionate about making our tabletop gaming experience as immersive as possible, but understand that can be intimidating at first. By sharing our experience we hope to make that level of immersion even more accessible, while at the same time helping to improve all of our skills along the way.

Happy reading,

Sarah-Anne and Chris Lahaie

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