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Battle for Georgian Bay

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Written by Sarah-Anne

This past Saturday our little gaming group had the privilege to host the very first Canadian Tournament of the United States Faux Tour for the skirmish game Malifaux. We had 8 players in total, including our very own middle son Marcus!

We had five tables set up, of which our 8 players had their pick for each game.

Over three rounds and a total of almost 9 hours of game time, the battle was fierce!

And the gaming continued, late into the evening...

We had many Malifaux Factions represented!

A huge thank you to Craig and all those from The Third Floor Wars for giving us the opportunity to join the USFT and to all those who participated and made this such a fun event. For my part I had a blast organizing, and look forward to an even bigger and better tournament next time! (May 16, 2020, for those interested)

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